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The epigenetics@HMGU Community – a highly collaborative environment

Back in October 2016 the epigenetics@hmgu website was launched and the community has been growing rapidly ever since. The epigenetics community was founded by institute directors Robert Schneider (IFE) and Maria Elena Torres-Padilla (IES), and is composed of 27 research teams working in the field of epigenetics with strong backgrounds in chromatin biology, stem cells, computational biology, metabolism and cellular plasticity.

Highly talented and motivated researchers who are keen to share their learnings and insights feel they profit from the cross-group collaboration opportunities offered by the community. “The Helmholtz research environment is very diverse in respect to both the research subjects and the people who work on them. I enjoy learning about the work done at Helmholtz, even if it is not directly related to the field I am in and that inspires me to think about science in different ways.” says  Jessica Pellegrino, a PhD student. Diego Rodriguez Terrones, also a PhD student, sees the opportunities the community offers as a big plus and the community is one of his favourite things about the research environment here:  “You can certainly count on someone working with the technique or the aspect that you have in mind, and who you can consult if needed. It’s also really good that there are also many, many seminars happening all the time, perhaps even more than you have time to attend to!”


Katrin Giza