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Training the future leaders in epigenetics

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate all aspects of DNA dependent processes and are implicated in diseases like diabetes and cancer. This makes the field of epigenetics a key field in our modern society. The epigenetics@HMGU community at the HMGU operates at the forefront of this diverse and exciting field.

Through the new Helmholtz International Research School we want to attract international, highly talented and motivated students to join our projects within the epigenetics community at the HMGU and to train them to become the future leaders in the field.

I have been involved in several research schools before. I strongly believe this one will also be very successful, with students eager to meet the challenges of science, keen on learning and very driven. We will train train the students of this new research school to be able to shape the epigenetics field!

Prof. Dr. Robert Schneider
Director of the Institute of Functional Epigenetics