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The foundation of your future career

Graduate school is the first place where you will truly learn what it means to work in science and learn to manage your own project and work on the edge of knowledge. I believe, your motivation to take challenges, your curiosity and your hard work are the driving forces behind your thesis project.

However, your project is not the only important aspect of graduate school. You will develop yourself not only scientifically but also professionally and personally. These are key aspects for a successful future career.
Our mission as a Research school is to provide the foundation for an optimal work environment on which our students can develop the key aspects for success and thrive. We provide a dedicated highly customizable curriculum, a career development program strong support for student initiatives and our diverse and well connected epigenetics@HMGU community. This allows us to provide a strong supportive platform from which you, the student, can launch your successful future career.

Wouter Koolhaas
Coordinator of the Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School