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The Epigenetics Research School hosted its first International Epigenetics Symposium 2019

At the beginning of March, the first international epigenetics symposium of the Epigenetics Research School was kicked off by the research school coordinator, Wouter Koolhaas, at the Helmholtz Campus in Neuherberg. On the first day, eight applicants from seven countries presented their work during open talks. The work presented ranged from neuronal development to other scientific fields of epigenetics, such as the effects of dieting on the epigenetics of the circadian clock.

During the three-day symposium, the presenters had the opportunity to visit the labs of the different institutes that conduct research in epigenetics as well as get to know the campus(es), meet many students and group leaders from the epigenetics@hmgu community and discuss the future of epigenetics and have some deep dive scientific conversations.

We, from the Epigenetics Research School, are now looking forward to welcoming new PhD students in the coming fall and we will be sharing some of their respective work here soon- stay tuned!