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New Courses at EpiCrossBorders

From data analysis to the art of publication, all scientists reach numerous steps througout their journey as a PhD. To support this process and prepare for successful, long-term careers, EpiCrossBorders hosts regular courses, workshops, and trainings to support continued education, and continually seeks to expand these offerings.

Image Computing

Many scientific projects require the analysis of high quantities of images.  At some point, it becomes more efficient to develop automated analyses methods instead of manual.   This also enhances the standardization and reproducibility of your analysis methodology.

In this course, we discuss the foundation of image analysis, feature-based methods, and deep learning-based approaches.  We also have hands-on sessions using the potent tools available to us.

Scientific Graphical Design
A key aspect of scientific publication is understanding how to clearly and accurately represent your data.  Each figure should be optimized to effectively convey one clear message without misleading the reader.  To successfully implement this communication, understanding and acknowledging core design elements of figure is crucial.  In this course we discuss the contribution of several key elements in figure design.


Publication Writing with Iain Patten

Publication writing is an art in itself.   How do we use it to deliver the right messages?  Where do we start?  What defines a good publication?  These can be daunting questions, especially when publishing for the first time.  To optimally support our students, EpiCrossBorders works together with Iain Patten who provides open courses for students when they are ready to emark on this step in their PhD journey.