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Projects of 2018

To achieve accurate packaging of DNA into chromatin, cells need to precisely control the concentration of histone proteins, the building blocks of nucleosomes. Typically, histone production is tightly linked to DNA replication during S-phase read more...

Keywords: histone homeostasis, mouse embryo, transcription, smFISH, qPCR, cell size

Supervisor: Dr. Kurt Schmoller
Group: Cell and Organelle Size Control
Institute: Institute of Functional Epigenetics

The Schneider group wants to unravel the mechanisms how epigenetic mechanisms control genome function by applying different biochemical and biophysical approaches as well as various developmental and cell biology systems read more...

Keywords: Chromatin, modifications, epitranscriptomics, histones, inheritance, metabolism

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Robert Schneider
Group: Chromatin Dynamics and Epigenetics
Institute: Institute of Functional Epigenetics

Centromeric DNA sequences play an essential role for chromosome distribution in mitosis by recruiting the kinetochore complex that links chromosomes to spindle microtubules. Molecular pathways that influence centromere read more....

Keywords: Satellite RNA, Live-cell confocal microscopy, CRISPR, Centromere, Image Analysis

Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Ettinger
Group: Epigenetics and cell-fate in early mammalian development & Microscopy Core Facility
Institute: Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells

Current technological developments allow for the sequencing of transcriptomes and epigenomes of individual single cells. In particular, gene expression can be assessed at the single cell level with the use read more...

Keywords: single-cell, computational, statistics, epigenomics, DNA methylation, transcriptomics

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Colomé-Tatché
Group: Computational Epigenomics
Institute: Institute of Computational Biology

Our group has developed a powerful organoid assay for modeling human mammary gland development and maturation. As a tissue source for our organoid assay read more...

Keywords: epithelial plasticity, human mammary gland, lactation, single-cell RNA sequencing, organoid models

Supervisor: Dr. med. Christina Scheel
Group: Mammary Stem Cells
Institute: Institute of Stem Cell Research

The Bonev lab studies how 3D genome organization and epigenetic modifcations regulate cell identity during brain development. Using highly interdisciplinary approaches including single cell multi-omics read more...

Keywords: 3D genome, epigenetics, transcription factors, CRISPR, neural development, NGS

Supervisor: Boyan Bonev, PhD
Group: Developmental Neuroepigenetics
Institute: Pioneer Campus