EpiCrossBorders: International Helmholtz-Edinburgh Research School for Epigenetics

We are proud to introduce Epigenetics Across Borders: International Helmholtz-Edinburgh Research School for Epigenetics, or 'EpiCrossBorders.' This cutting-edge Research School Program represents the evolution of the Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School and is the result of a collaborative effort between the epigenetics@HMGU and Edinburgh communities from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, MRC Human Genetics Unit and Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

At the core of the EpiCrossBorders Research School Program is a truly international and interdisciplinary PhD experience, centered on epigenetics research at Helmholtz Zentrum München HMGU, in Munich, Germany, and the University of Edinburgh in Edinburg, United Kingdom. This innovative program offers an ideal setting for graduate students to pursue their PhD research in the dynamic field of epigenetics.  The program leverages the research excellence of the host teams in both communities and is enhanced by a dedicated training, exchange program, and support structure. This nurturing environment empowers academically and technically gifted individuals to excel, achieve their professional goals, and shape their future careers.

In the EpiCrossBorders Program, Graduate Projects epitomize true international collaboration, fostering a 'One Health' approach by bringing together labs in Munich and Edinburgh. Moreover, these projects align with our five core topics:

  1. Epigenetics Research from Single Cells to Human Health
  2. Quantitative Approaches to Study Epigenetic Phenomena
  3. Climate Change and Environmental Stress: Impact on Epigenetics Processes
  4. Implementing Biomedical Artificial Intelligence
  5. Providing a Concrete Framework for Translational Opportunities 

This program is not just a training ground; it's a platform for visionary research and global collaboration, shaping the next generation of leaders in the field of epigenetics.