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Developing targeted epigenetic strategies for Ribosomopathies

Tobias was initially trained as a mechatronics engineer. Motivated by his hobbies, however, he became interested in the complex functions of "living" machines. He started his bachelor studies in chemistry and biochemistry at the LMU Munich. Fascinated by the scientific field of epigenetics, he completed his studies with a bachelor thesis in the laboratory of Dr. Stephan Hamperl at Helmholtz Zentrum München. Impressed by the complexity of the mechanisms of biological matter, a master's degree in biochemistry followed. For his master's thesis he joined the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Stefan Stricker at Helmholtz Zentrum München to investigate the influence of endogenous transcriptional regulation on cell identity.

Driven by great fascination for the research field of epigenetics, he stays in the lab of Prof. Dr. Stefan Stricker for his EpiCrossBorders PhD project. The aim of his project is to develop epigenetic strategies against ribosomopathies.