Research Topic

Supervisor: Dr. Antonio Scialdone

Enrolled since 2023

I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2019, followed by a Master's in Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics from Politecnico di Milano and the University of Milan in 2022.

During my Master's program, I interned for a year at the Neurogenomics Research Centre of Human Technopole,  in Giuseppe Testa's group. Following graduation, I continued as a research fellow in the lab for an additional year.
In this time, I outlined computational workflows for the analysis of multimodal single-cell datasets, and applied them to study in-vitro models of neurodevelopment. My research centered on disorders associated with chromatin regulator mutations, such as Gabriele de Vries syndrome. This experience furthered my interest in Epigenetics and helped me appreciate how crucial it is to account for the chromatin layer when investigating molecular mechanisms involved in development, as well as their alteration in disease and aging.

Starting in October 2023, I will be joining the EpiCrossBorders program as a PhD student in Antonio Scialdone's group, co-supervised by Catalina Vallejos at the University of Edinburgh. My project will focus on the development of Bayesian machine learning methods to enhance the analysis of transposable elements using multiomic single-cell data.