Epigenome rewiring during primate neocortex evolution​

Supervisor: Dr. Boyan Bonev

Enrolled since 2019

I pursued my MSc in Molecular Biology of the Cell at the University of Milan. During my MSc thesis, I was introduced to the fascinating world of non-coding RNAs, studying the role of miRNAs and lncRNAs in the plasticity of the human T lymphocytes. Because of my interest in dissecting the lncRNAs function, I moved to the CRUK in Cambridge where I worked on a project aimed at the characterization of the role of lncRNAs in in vivo hematopoiesis. Due to my passion for gene regulation and non-coding part of the genome, I joined the Bonev Lab in February 2019 as PhD student to work on 3D genome architecture changes during primate evolution focusing on the cerebral cortex. I will investigate this using cerebral organoids derived from macaque, gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee and human iPSCs.

I like nature, traveling around the world, food in all its aspects and love music and playing the cello.



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