Redox-regulation of epigenetic mechanisms in response to future climate conditions

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Lindermayr​

Enrolled since 2022

I am Rachna Behl, and I am pursuing PhD under the supervision of Dr. Christian Lindermayr with a focus on plant epigenetic research. I completed my Masters and Bachelors in Biochemistry from India and then started PhD in Lindermayr’s lab through EpiCrossBorders Program (in 2022).

A steady rise in temperature and harmful gases in atmosphere are known to impact both plants and animals. Understanding these altered phenotypic and regulatory responses among multiple plant generations will provide insights into plant performance as well as epigenome and such epigenetic changes could be used as markers for monitoring climate change. Therefore, I am interested in deciphering the multi-generational impact of atmospheric stress conditions such as drought, high CO2, and many more on Arabidopsis thaliana redox homeostasis, epigenome and phenotype.