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Investigation of glucocorticoid receptor signaling in the epigenetic regulation of immune response

I have done Masters from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with a degree in the
field of Biotechnology. Before starting my PhD, to gain research experience I
joined the leading institute CSIR-CCMB where I worked till 2023 June. I had this
wonderful chance to explore and train in the domain of single-cell analytics to
understand cell heterogeneity. To further continue my expertise and knowledge in
the field of research I have joined as a Phd Student under Prof. Dr. Nina Henriette
Uhlenhaut Group at the institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology(IDE), at
Helmholtz Zentrum Munich in collaboration with Dr. Ramon Grima at University
of Edinburgh, UK. My project focusses on Glucocorticoid receptor signaling in the
epigenetic control of immune response. By increasing or reducing mRNA
concentration, glucocorticoids regulate the expression of a restricted number of
transcriptionally active genes. I am studying glucocorticoid signalling especially on
gene programs in inflammation, cross-talk with inflammatory signalling pathways
in macrophages.My work will include both experimental and computational
approaches to study transcriptional mechanisms at the promoter, role of different
core promoters and enhancers in pause control of RNA polymerase 2.The
transcriptional kinetics patterns shown by the glucocorticoid receptor in
macrophages will be studied by the implementation of next generation sequencing
and stochastic modelling.