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Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School

Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School

The Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School is an international and interdisciplinary Graduate program centered on epigenetics research around the central theme: From Single Cells to Human Health. Read more...



Watch out for EpiCrossBorders – Our new international Research School

Together with the Edinburgh bioscience programs*, Our epigenetics@HMGU community got funding to set up a cross-center Research School: EpiCrossBorders.

Through the EpiCrossBorders program, both communities will team up to train promising young scientists in the field of epigenetics. One of the key features of the EpiCrossBorders program will be an innovative mobility and exchange concept between the partners in Munich and Edinburgh to foster the Students’ curiosity and creativity.

*Integrative Cell Mechanisms (Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology); Human Genetics, Genomics and Disease and Biomedical Artificial Intelligence (MRC Human Genetics Unit); Regenerative Medicine (Centre for Regenerative Medicine)

More information

  • you can find the official announcement here
  • for further updates stay tuned here and on Twitter


Testimonial from Valentin Hankofer

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"At the end of my Master’s program in Biology I was searching for pioneering...


Third epigenetics@HMGU Retreat with more than 80 participants

On September 26th and 27th 2019  the third epigenetics@HMGU Retreat took place. Traditionally, the students from the epigenetics@HMGU community...


The Epigenetics Research School hosted its first International Epigenetics Symposium 2019

At the beginning of March, the first international epigenetics symposium of the Epigenetics Research School was kicked off by the research school...


The foundation of your future career

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Training the future leaders in epigenetics

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate all aspects of DNA dependent processes and are implicated in diseases like diabetes and cancer. This makes the field of...